2023 Gray Master Class Resources

Master Class 1: Overview of Academic Program Evaluation

Featuring Bob Atkins

From student demand to competition, employment opportunities to program economics, learn which data sources to use and how to use them. Discover how to merge data with institutional knowledge and experience to optimize academic program decision-making.

Master Class 2: Reaching Curricular Efficiency

Featuring Steve Probst

Learn how to use instructional economics data to identify ways to reduce the total teaching workload, reduce the need to hire more faculty, make college more affordable, and minimize how budget cuts translate into higher workloads or inferior education.

Master Class 3: Advanced Analytics

Featuring Zachary Paz, Peter Starrett, and Youssef Aljabi

Learn how to use predictive analytics to model the impact of program decisions on your institution’s future. Using demographic data and market trends, we will demonstrate how to project the size and growth of programs in a proposed portfolio. Using predictive scenarios, we will show how to evaluate the effects of program decisions on your institution’s bottom line.

Master Class 4:The Future of Academic Portfolio Evaluation and Management

Featuring Bob Atkins and Rachel Chung, Associate Clinical Professor at William & Mary

Join us as we look at how artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other new technologies provide more insight into what makes a successful academic program.  We will show how using these tools in academic program planning and management can benefit the institution.  

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Academic Program Evaluation and Management

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