2024 PES AI Reporting Webinar Resources

Introducing the AI Reporting Tool for Faster, Smarter Decisions: Included in Your PES Subscription

On Thursday, June 13 2024 from 2-2:45 PM ET, Gray Decision Intelligence will host a PES product update webinar to introduce you to a new AI Reporting tool that can turn months of research into minutes.

Watch the Recording Below

Better than any out-of-the-box AI, the PES AI reporting tool is designed exclusively for higher education to report data with precision and accuracy. 

Use the Latest AI Technology with Confidence!

Gray Decision Intelligence has developed an advanced AI Reporting tool that turns program data into detailed reports. These reports can be viewed quickly and easily, giving you the insights you need to make better data-informed academic program decisions.

With this new AI tool, you will now be able to:

Improve Data Understanding and Decision Making: Gain deeper understanding of your data with clear summaries and visualizations. The PES AI reporting tool helps you identify trends and make informed decisions to achieve better outcomes. Simplify your academic program evaluation, saving time and resources.

Unlock Data Insights for Everyone: The PES AI reporting tool transforms complex data from the program scorecard into clear, concise reports. With just the click of a button, this empowers non-technical users to gain valuable insights previously inaccessible due to data barriers.

Streamline Accurate Program Reporting: Say goodbye to manual reporting! The PES AI reporting tool streamlines academic program report creation, saving you valuable time and resources. Focus on strategic initiatives while the AI does the heavy lifting.

Closing the Gap: Why Aligning College Skills with Workforce Needs Matters More Than Ever

A recent report highlights a pressing issue in higher education: while nearly all adults without a degree see its value, there is a significant skills gap between what colleges teach and what employers need. Aligning college programs with in-demand skills like problem-solving, critical thinking, and leadership is essential. Addressing this gap ensures that graduates are prepared for the job market, benefiting students, employers, and educational institutions alike. Discover why this alignment is crucial for future success.

In the Eyes of International Students, Not All Programs Are Created Equal

As international students return to the US, evolving market trends present both opportunities and challenges for higher education institutions. STEM-designated programs are particularly attractive to these students, as shown by Gray DI data. With institutions adapting to meet this demand, understanding these trends allows colleges and universities to refine their recruiting strategies and enhance their appeal. Discover how these insights can shape your institution’s approach to international student recruitment.

Beyond Borders: The New Face of International Students in the US

A surge in international student enrollment is revitalizing US higher education, with numbers soaring in 2023 to mark the fastest growth in four decades. Beyond the impressive totals, new markets are emerging while traditional ones decline. Explore the shifting dynamics, highlighting the rise of Indian students and the decline of Chinese enrollments, and uncover unexpected new sources of student demand. From Dhaka to Hyderabad, discover the data-informed strategies that can help institutions navigate the evolving international student market.

The Clock is Ticking: Waiting for Program Evaluation is a Risk You Can’t Afford

Timely adoption of a Program Evaluation System (PES) is crucial for sustaining successful academic programs. Early implementation offers valuable insights into program economics, market demand, and resource optimization, while delaying can lead to financial strain, missed opportunities, and decreased competitiveness. Whether building a custom system or opting for specialized software, investing in PES is a proactive step toward ensuring your institution’s programs remain relevant and financially viable, driving higher enrollment and improved student outcomes.

International Student Enrollment Is Rebounding in the US

International student enrollment in US higher education is on the rise again, marking a pivotal moment for institutions nationwide. With new policy shifts favoring the US and a strong global student satisfaction rating, there’s a unique opportunity to attract top talent. Discover how these students enrich campuses, fuel economic growth, and what future trends in program demand might mean for the landscape of higher education.

Evaluating Program Economics: A Data-Informed Approach to Strategic Decision-Making in Higher Education

Facing unprecedented financial and demographic challenges, colleges and universities must adopt strategic financial management practices to thrive. Program economics offers a data-informed approach to understanding the revenue and costs associated with individual programs, enabling institutions to make informed decisions. This methodology not only supports financial sustainability but also aligns academic offerings with market demands, helping to attract and retain students in a competitive landscape. Embracing this student-centric approach can provide a crucial advantage in ensuring institutional success.