Curricular Efficiency Workshop

Unlocking Efficiency: Curricular Efficiency Workshop

Gray DI’s Curricular Efficiency Workshop uses data on course-level revenue, cost, margin, and instructional workloads collected in the Economics and Outcomes application to identify high-cost, low-margin, or redundant courses. In a facilitated workshop, faculty and administrators review the course data and use their judgment to identify efficiencies in courses and sections offered. The data may also be used continuously to inform budgets and course schedules.

Sample Workshop Agenda

  1. Present workshop objectives
  2. Share program economics approach and findings
  3. Option: Facilitate Exercises: Assign Breakout groups to “Find $500,000 annual savings.” Assign actual cost reduction to departments, using PES+ Economics, after the workshop
  4. Option: Identify and agree on practical opportunities to increase curricular efficiency and reduce cost
  5. Wrap-up: Agree on next steps to achieve efficiencies

Key Workshop Benefits

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