PES Software

Elevate Your Higher Education Decision-Making with Gray Decision Intelligence

What is PES Software?

Gray Decision Intelligence PES software helps higher- education institutions make better-informed decisions that improve growth, efficiency, and student success. The Gray academic Program Evaluation System (PES) is the only platform that provides data by program on external markets and institutional performance.

PES Markets includes data on student demand, jobs, skills, and competition for over 1,500 academic programs. It predicts potential enrollment for your current and new programs. It corrects completions; for example, 200,000+ online students are usually shown at headquarters’ locations; Gray reports them where they live.

PES Economics and Outcomes measures internal academic performance, including actual and benchmark revenue, cost, margin, retention rates, and faculty productivity by program and department.

Gray DI is integrating AI. Our PES enables clients to ask questions in plain English and get the data and visualizations they seek. Our reports will include AI-drafted summaries of results, predictions, and other features we will soon imagine.

PES Software from Gray DI:

PES Economics and Outcomes

PES Economics and Outcomes offers the following:

PES Markets

PES Markets gives you the following:

Academic Management

PES Academic Program Management Dashboards presents you with the following:


Gray DI GeoTargeting offers insight into the following:

Data Dashboards

PES includes access to the Markets Data Dashboards, which offer robust datasets on job postings, keyword searches, enrollment, non- degree demand, international student demand, and athletics resumes.