Boost enrollment by investing in current and new programs in healthy, growing markets

Data-Informed Decision Making

Universities must keep their academic programs competitive and meet students’ needs. Gray DI software can help by accurately assessing finances, enrollment, and athletic metrics. It enables administrators to quickly obtain data for informed decisions to improve academic programs.

Which courses and sections should we offer next term?

What adjustments can I make to programs or courses to improve financial performance?

Should I cut programs and courses to reduce costs?

Which of my programs need the most attention?

Solutions to help your institution evaluate and improve...

PES Economics and Outcomes

PES Economics and Outcomes offers the following:

PES Markets

PES Markets gives you the following:

Academic Management

PES Academic Program Management Dashboards presents you with the following:

PES Dashboards
Related Services

Curricular Efficiency Workshop

Gray DI’s Curricular Efficiency Workshop uses data on course-level revenue, cost, margin, and instructional workloads collected in the Contribution Margin Analysis tool to identify high cost, low margin, or redundant courses. In a facilitated workshop, faculty and administrators review the course data and use their judgement to identify opportunities to reduce or re-deploy instructional staff. The data may also be used on an ongoing basis to inform budgets and course schedules.