Predict Program Size

Unlock Growth Opportunities with Predict Program Size

Predict Program Size empowers higher education decision-makers with essential insights to optimize their institution’s academic programs. Leveraging world-class machine learning and data from thousands of programs nationwide, this tool provides you with highly accurate insights, guiding your institution towards programs that will thrive, enabling you to make data-informed decisions that enhance enrollment and revenue.

Informed Decisions

Identify current programs poised for growth and new programs that can boost enrollment and revenue, helping you prioritize your actions.

Strategic Planning

Move beyond relying on past experiences and make strategic plans backed by data. Minimize risks associated with program expansion by focusing your resources where they matter most.

Efficient Budgeting

Allocate resources for faculty, facilities, housing, and marketing investments. Ensure your budget goes towards programs that align with your institution's goals, maximizing your financial efficiency.

Targeted Outreach

Craft targeted outreach strategies based on data- informed insights. Knowing when to invest and when to pivot will reduce the risk of program failures and lead to sustainable growth.

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