Program Portfolio Workshop

Elevate Your Academic Portfolio: Data-Informed Decision-Making for Program Success
Program Portfolio Workshops combine market and financial data with institutional judgment to evaluate current and new programs. Data from PES is available to workshop participants who are also encouraged to include mission, academic, and strategic priorities in their considerations. You will have four lists at the end of two days: programs to Start, Stop, Sustain, or Grow. As important, your senior team will understand and support the program recommendations, including challenging decisions on programs to Stop.

Day 1: New Programs

  1. Present workshop objectives
  2. Summarize approach to program selection
  3. Share initial scoring outcomes
  4. Discuss and refine scoring system
  5. Rerun scores, using refined scoring system
  6. Evaluate proposed programs
  7. Rank and select new programs to Start (after further research)

Day 2: Current Programs

  1. Review Day 1 outcomes
  2. Rank current programs
  3. Discuss high and low-scoring programs
  4. Select programs to Stop
  5. Select Programs to Grow
  6. Wrap-Up: Agree on next steps, tasks, owners, and deadlines

Key Workshop Benefits

Additional Services

Pricing Services

Fine-tune your pricing strategies with Value Proposition and Pricing services. Identify a wide range of features–not just price–that your students may seek (e.g., experiential learning). Test each feature and price level to determine how they affect market share, enrollment, net tuition, and margins. Develop strategies that maximize enrollment and margin.

Location Services

Identify prime markets and neighborhoods for new campuses or marketing initiatives. Rank hundreds of markets on student demand, competition, and job opportunities for the specific programs you offer. Use Gray heat maps that estimate potential enrollment by zip code to find the best neighborhoods for a new campus or marketing program.

Program Profiles

Ensure successful program launches with our Program Profiles. The Profiles dive into student demand, job postings, competition, and accreditation. We predict future enrollment and provide benchmark financials so you know program costs and benefits. Get the information your Board will need to approve a new program–and that you will need to ensure its success.

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