Increase Marketing ROI with PES GeoTargeting

Not all markets are created equal. GeoTargeting searches 300 markets and identifies those that have more people who are predisposed to enroll in your institution. Focusing marketing and admissions investments in these markets will attract more students and increase revenue, significantly increasing ROI. Additional revenue then supports increased marketing, creating a virtuous circle of investment, rising enrollment, and revenue growth.

Target Efficiently

Leverage Gray’s data and dashboards and scoring on student demand, competition, and employment. Quickly identify markets with high potential returns revenue.

Geographic Precision

Pinpoint areas with higher student interest, lower competition, and more attractive jobs for future graduates. Identify growth zones by neighborhood and academic program.

ROI Amplification

Focus spending on social, media, and pay-per-click where they will have the greatest impact. Increase qualified applicants without spending more.

Targeted Engagement

Send admissions representatives to areas where they will get the best results. Maximize the return on time they invest in off-campus visits.

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