About Gray DI

We help education clients develop data-informed institutional strategies that maximize outcomes for students, the school, and its constituencies.

Gray Academic Program Evaluation System

Introduction to Gray

Gray DI provides the only complete academic Program Evaluation System (PES) for higher education.

Combining software, data, and facilitated processes, Gray’s PES enables institutions to make data-informed program decisions that strengthen relationships among faculty and administrators. PES includes current, local data on student demand, plus jobs, skills, and competition for more than 1,500 academic programs. PES corrects profound errors in many widely-used labor market data sources. For example, IPEDS reports several hundred thousand online completions in the wrong states – the headquarters locations of the institutions; Gray puts them back in the markets where the students live. PES also provides easy-to-understand dashboards that use internal data to track program economics, academic performance, and diversity. PES enables collaborative, data-informed program evaluation and ongoing program portfolio management, which allows institutions to adapt to a rapidly changing environment. By strengthening program evaluation and management, PES increases enrollment, strengthens financial results, and improves DEI.

Our Promise

We provide the only complete academic Program Evaluation System: PES. Gray DI is trustworthy, insightful, innovative, collaborative, and reliable. We are champions of higher education.

Our Purpose

We provide innovative, leading-edge software that provides easy access to data streams critical to academic program evaluation and management.

Our Software

PES enables data-informed, collaborative program evaluations that increase enrollment, strengthen financial performance, and improve student outcomes. PES is available as an annual or multi-year subscription.

Our Belief

Higher education plays a vital role in our society. It prepares students for meaningful careers and transmits our culture and knowledge to the next generation.


We care about higher education because we believe it plays a vital role in our society.

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