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We Need Anthropologists Everywhere—Especially in AI

Hear from Lorlei Boyd, Developer at Gray Decision Intelligence, as she shares her journey from humanities graduate to AI software leader. Lorlei challenges stereotypes, highlighting how her humanities background equipped her for success in STEM. Discover her unique perspective on prompt engineering, app development, and the intersection of disciplines.

Using AI to Drive Growth and Efficiency in Higher Education: Gray DI Launches AI Reports for Academic Program Evaluation

Today, Gray DI, the leading provider of academic program evaluation software, launched AI Reports: easy-to-understand text reports that summarize dozens of metrics on the markets for academic programs. AI Reports enables leaders from English to Engineering professors to academic deans, provosts, and presidents to understand the markets for programs and make better decisions on academic programs to Start, Stop, Fix, or Grow – decisions that drive enrollment growth and efficiency.

Gray Decision Intelligence Experienced Notable Growth in 2023

Gray Decision Intelligence (Gray DI), the leading provider of academic program evaluation software, today announced significant growth in 2023. Gray DI’s Program Evaluation System (PES) software now empowers investment in academic programs that drive student success and enrollment growth at over 150 colleges and universities nationwide.

The New Shape of Work

The future of work is changing and college curriculums must change to best prepare students for the demands of their careers, many of which have yet to be imagined.