2023 PES Release Notes

February 2023:

Data Updates and Enhancements:

  • New 2021 IPEDS Institutional Characteristics (with Gray Enhancements)
  • New 2021 IPEDS Completions (with Gray Enhancements)
    • Total IPEDS Completions (with Gray Enhancements)
    • Online Estimates (with Gray Enhancements)
    • Online In-Market Student Estimates (with Gray Enhancements)
  • New 2021 IPEDS Completion Demographics
  • Gray’s CIP Code Enhancements
    • Enhanced CIP-to-SOC Crosswalk
  • Gray’s American Community Survey Outcomes Estimates
  • Expanded list of programs in Gray’s Google Keyword Search database
    • We expanded the list of programs in our Google Keyword Search database from over 900 to over 1,600

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