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PES Notifications:

Things to be aware of:

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PES Updates:

Data Updates and Enhancements:

  • 2024 Q1 Updates:
    • New Employment Crosswalk

      •  Based on actual results, understand the graduate journey from each degree level.

      • Understand the employment opportunity with degree-level-specific estimated job counts, change metrics, and wages.

        • All employment metrics, unless specified, now filter for the selected degree level.

      • Understand near versus long-term outcomes with the new Entry and Post-Entry metrics.

        • Entry Jobs:  First four years after earning a specified degree, excluding time after earning the following degree.

        • Post-Entry Jobs:  After four years or the following degree.

      • Post-entry Wages include results for graduates from a specified degree who get more advanced degrees.

    • New Export to PDF Capabilities

      • The Program Scorecard button exports the scorecard being viewed.

      • The Summary Overview button exports the Summary pages and Program Scorecard.

    • New Definitions Toggle Button

      • Toggle for viewing the definitions on the Program Scorecard.

    • New Baseline Scoring Rubrics

      • With the changes to the employment section, Gray DI launched updated baseline scoring rubrics.

      • There are baseline scoring rubrics for all levels, including specific award rubrics for an online focus.

  • 2024 Q2 Updates: 
    • Coming Soon