Predict Program Size with Pro Forma Financials

Quickly produce a program size prediction with pro forma financials in a matter of minutes!

When the landscape is constantly evolving, understanding the financial forecasts is critical. 

The PES Predict Program Size tool is specifically designed to simplify and enhance the financial planning process. Get your information in minutes not months!  

Get a comprehensive snapshot of your new program financials, enabling swift and informed program decision-making. 

Have immediate access to:

Accelerated Insight: Gain immediate insights into projected revenues, expenses, and cash flows, allowing for timely adjustments in strategy or operations.

Risk Mitigation: By forecasting financial outcomes based on various scenarios, you can identify potential risks early and devise strategies to mitigate them effectively, safeguarding your program launch.

Strategic Planning: Use the pro forma as a tool for strategic planning, helping to align your institution’s goals with realistic financial projections. This ensures that your strategies are grounded in economic viability.

Stakeholder Buy-in: Presenting a well-prepared pro forma to stakeholders enhances credibility and confidence in your business plan, increasing the likelihood of securing funding and approval.

Budgeting and Forecasting Accuracy: A quickly created pro forma, when done correctly, can significantly improve the accuracy of your budgeting and forecasting. This precision is vital for effective financial management and long-term planning.

Competitive Advantage: Being able to rapidly produce and act on financial forecasts gives you a competitive edge. 

Break Even Date: Understanding when your program will start generating profit rather than incurring losses enables more accurate financial planning and cash flow management. This insight helps in allocating resources efficiently and ensuring financial stability.

In summary, a quickly created pro forma is an essential tool for institutions offering the agility, insight, and strategic foresight necessary to navigate the complexities of today’s higher education economic landscape.

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