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Results Through April

  • Trends
    • U.S. Google searches for academic programs declined year-over-year, continuing the recent pattern.
    • International searches for U.S. programs were flat.
    • Job postings fell year-over-year, reversing a recent trend. 
  • Enrollment data analysis
    • In general, first-time enrollments in Bachelor’s programs are a strong predictor of completions.
    • Initial majors in Biology and Engineering, General are most likely to change majors.
    • Psychology is the biggest parachute program.
    • Some “parachutes” appear to be simply increased specializations: Accounting, Finance, Marketing
    • Liberal arts programs also often function as parachutes or late-choice majors.
  • Program of the month: Associate degree in Economics (for transfer)
    • Mandatory seamless transfer arrangements can drive dramatic program growth.
    • Using the data to identify and then answer the right questions can drive important insights.

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