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Results Through August (2022)

  • In August, US Google searches for academic programs increased 10% year-over-year.
  • In Spring 2022, Cyber Security had the fastest year-over-year bachelor’s degree enrollment growth.
    • At the master’s level, Data Science grew the fastest.
  • Registered Nurses and Tax Prepares had the highest volume of job postings for bachelor’s and above graduates.
    • Tax Preparers grew the fastest year over year.
  • Demand for Marketing programs at the bachelor’s level is high.
    • Student demand is very high.
    • Jobs per graduate are high.
    • Wages are fair.
    • Margin per student credit hour (SCH) is average.
      • The illustrative institution was well above the benchmark for 100, 400, and 600-level courses.
      • Cost per SCH varies by over 200% at several levels, suggesting poor control over course size.

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