From Tech to Teachers: The Fastest-Growing Master’s Programs of Fall 2023

February 22, 2024

With the Fall of 2023 in the rearview mirror, many institutions wonder whether they kept up with the fastest-growing programs – or offered them at all. This begs the question: what Master’s programs enrolled the most new students? We compared National Student Clearinghouse data on new student enrollment in Fall 2022 to Fall 2023 to identify the Master’s programs that added the highest number of new students – read on to find the fast and furious!

Increasing Demand for Tech Programs

As expected, the tech sector reigns supreme when it comes to large, growing programs. Business Analytics came in first for year-over-year growth in new student enrollment; it added a staggering 3,630 students, more than double the growth of the second-place finisher, Computer Science. Data Analytics and Data Science added over 1,000 new students, confirming the high demand for data-informed decision-making. Cyber Security programs make the top five as well.

New Student Enrollment Growth - Year over year increase (Fall 2022 vs Fall 2023)

Source: Gray’s Program Enrollment Dashboard with data from the National Student Clearinghouse

Enrollment Growth in Mental Health

Beyond data analytics and cyber security, interest in mental health has been growing for several years. Mental Health Counseling added 1,319 new students in Fall 2023. Psychology also cracked the top 10; it grew by 645 students.

Other Noteworthy Sectors

Several other programs show promising growth:

  • Curriculum and Instruction: Up 716 students.
  • Business Administration and Management: Up 529 students.
  • Biology/Biological Sciences: Up 356 students.
  • Artificial Intelligence: Up 301 students, lower than we would have expected for this burgeoning field.

Broader Trends

Though a five-year overview shows new enrollment rates declining by one percent, there is still good news. Year-over-year, new enrollment increased by one percent or 3,713 students, with many programs, young and old, recruiting new students in the hundreds or thousands. Rapid changes in student interest in specific Master’s degree programs make it essential to have good data on student demand. With the data, colleges and universities can adjust marketing, staffing, and course schedules to take advantage of growth opportunities.

Regan O'Brien

Marketing Intern

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