December 2020

santa wearing costume

News From the North Pole

The holidays are upon us, and the North Pole has never been busier! Amid all the bustle, Santa is as jolly as ever, now that he and Mrs. Claus are speaking again, after an epic fight over the modification of

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Supply Chain Management Jobs on The Rise

Robert Gray The Covid-19 pandemic has created logistical nightmares, many of which affected product flow and threw supply chain management into crisis. The pandemic exposed myriad vulnerabilities in supply chains. Companies saw their products trapped upstream due to breakdowns

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male businessman holding

Job Postings Data Defies Pandemic

Robert Gray It will come as no surprise that job postings saw a significant decrease in the early months of the Covid-19 pandemic, with postings falling below 800k from an earlier high of around 1.3mm.  What may be surprising,

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