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The Gray Accelerator Series: Rev Up Growth and Efficiency

Rev up the full potential of your institution with the Gray Accelerator Series featuring webinars and appearances on the GROW GROW GROW podcast designed exclusively for higher-education leaders. These will feature experts from Ad Astra, Rize, and Evidence in Motion, alongside proven innovators from colleges and universities.

Join us for practical insights and strategies you can implement immediately to accelerate enrollment growth, increase revenue, and improve student outcomes. Hear directly from the leaders who made it happen and the experts who helped!

Who Should Attend?

If you’re responsible for shaping your institution’s future, this webinar series is for you.

  • Provosts
  • Presidents
  • CFOs
  • Deans
  • Institutional Researchers
  • Marketing Leaders
  • Admissions Leaders
  • Trustees

Series Schedule

Each event starts at 2 pm Eastern

September 27 and 28: Ad Astra

Accelerate Graduation Rates Through Student-Centered Scheduling

  • Community College Focus: September 27
    Guests: Dr. Susan English, Ad Astra and Dr. Laura Boyer, Northeast Lakeview College
  • Four-Year Institutions: September 28

    Guests: Sarah Collins, Ad Astra and David Short, Lamar University

October 31: Rize

Grow Revenue with Market-Responsive Majors

Guest Speakers: Charlie Anastasi, VP of Revenue, Rize

November 16: All-Star Panel

Gray DI, Ad Astra, Rize, and Evidence In Motion join forces for an illuminating panel discussion focusing on accelerating enrollment growth, launching a new program, and student outcomes.

November 30: Evidence in Motion

Get New Programs Through Accreditation

Guests: John Childs, Founder of Evidence In Motion, and Rodney Rogers, President of Bowling Green State University

Why You Can’t Afford to Miss This

  • Expert Insights: Gain invaluable perspectives from higher-education thought leaders.
  • Actionable Strategies: Learn practical solutions you can implement right away.
  • Networking: Connect with other higher-education leaders facing the same challenges.
  • Case Studies: Hear success stories from other educational institutions.

How to Register

  1. Reserve Your Spot: Fill in the registration form to secure your place.
  2. Tune In: Use the link you’ll receive in your confirmation email to attend the live session.

Don’t miss this opportunity to accelerate your institution’s growth and efficiency. Reserve your spot today.

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Save Your Spot

Accelerating Student Completions

Ad Astra provides institutions with the guidance to creating student-centered schedules to accelerate completions.

Growing Revenue

Rize Education helps colleges grow enrollment and increase revenue by launching in-demand degree programs. Partner colleges are able to offer the majors students, and employers, want in as quickly as one semester for a fraction of the traditional cost through a collaborative course-sharing model.

Accelerate Innovation

Evidence In Motion is a learning solutions company in the graduate health care education space, powering hybrid accelerated and innovative degree programs in partnership with leading universities and colleges across the nation.

Our Thought Leaders Speak: Articles on Growth and Data in Higher Education

International Student Enrollment Is Rebounding in the US

International student enrollment in US higher education is on the rise again, marking a pivotal moment for institutions nationwide. With new policy shifts favoring the US and a strong global student satisfaction rating, there’s a unique opportunity to attract top talent. Discover how these students enrich campuses, fuel economic growth, and what future trends in program demand might mean for the landscape of higher education.

Evaluating Program Economics: A Data-Informed Approach to Strategic Decision-Making in Higher Education

Facing unprecedented financial and demographic challenges, colleges and universities must adopt strategic financial management practices to thrive. Program economics offers a data-informed approach to understanding the revenue and costs associated with individual programs, enabling institutions to make informed decisions. This methodology not only supports financial sustainability but also aligns academic offerings with market demands, helping to attract and retain students in a competitive landscape. Embracing this student-centric approach can provide a crucial advantage in ensuring institutional success.

Evaluating Student Demand and Labor Market Data for Academic Programs – If You Build It, Will They Come?

Explore the relationship between academic program success, student demand, and labor market data through real-world examples. From Actuarial Science to Hospitality Administration, uncover insights into employment prospects, enrollment trends, and strategic decision-making in higher education. Learn why understanding metrics like student demand and international interest is crucial for investing wisely and ensuring program success.

We Need Anthropologists Everywhere—Especially in AI

Hear from Lorlei Boyd, Developer at Gray Decision Intelligence, as she shares her journey from humanities graduate to AI software leader. Lorlei challenges stereotypes, highlighting how her humanities background equipped her for success in STEM. Discover her unique perspective on prompt engineering, app development, and the intersection of disciplines.

Why You Need Three Sources of Student Demand Data

Discover the power of student demand data in shaping academic programs. Explore how tracking IPEDS completions, enrollment trends, and Google keyword searches can offer a comprehensive view of student preferences and guide strategic decision-making in higher education. Dive into real-world examples and actionable insights that illuminate the path to meeting evolving student needs and maximizing institutional success.

Want Enrollment Growth? Here’s Your Strategic Program Playbook

Discover how to achieve enrollment growth and financial stability in today’s competitive higher education environment with our strategic program playbook. Learn how to utilize data-informed decisions, optimize programs, and foster collaboration for success. From revealing hidden potentials to confidently navigating tough decisions, equip your institution with the tools for a thriving future.