Stars Are Aligning for Astrology Programs

March 31, 2023

If you are looking for an enlightening program with strong student appeal, gaze into Astrology. This program is rising like Mercury across all award levels.

Gray examined completions, enrollment, and Google searches for a program in Astrology across degree levels. This program not only “aligns with the stars” but also with the growing interest in wellness, psychology, and astronomy.  

Completion Volume is Looking Up

2021 Completions across award levels are looking bright, especially at the master’s level.

Year over year growth in 2021 completions by award level (Astrology Programs)

Markets with a Big Bang

Fall 2022 data from National Student Clairvoyanthouse suggests that Astrology is a program with a lot of growth in the future. Enrollment for this program has been skyrocketing, especially in California, Nevada, and New York.

Fastest-growing markets by enrollment growth (Astrology programs)

Google Searches Are Trending High

In February, searches for the term “Age of Aquarius” went up 150 percent year-over-year. The search term “Pisces” is also trending up. This is a possible anomaly related to recent news articles about Contemporary U’s Provost blaming recent program decisions on being a Pisces.  Search volumes related to “Astrology Jobs” went up 50 percent year-over-year.

Other significant Google search terms including  “Rising sun,” “home of the rising sun,” “moon sign,” and “here’s your sign” indicate strong student demand.

February Year over year growth in Google search volumes (search terms related to astrology programs)

Astrology programs may seem a little “out there,” but institutions may be well-served to find space for one in their program portfolio. Want to know more about this program? Email April Fools

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