Academic Program Management Dashboards

Fast, Data-Informed Program Portfolio Evaluation

PES Academic Management Dashboards give you a quick summary of KPIs for all your academic programs. Following the summary is a one-page overview of each program’s market, instructional economics, efficiency, and student outcomes. It includes faculty-drafted objectives and tasks to improve each program. The Academic Management Dashboards highlight issues and opportunities so you can continuously improve your program portfolio and prepare for accreditation.

Portfolio Summary

Use data to quickly identify program issues and opportunities. Better align your program portfolio with your mission, markets, academic goals, and budgets.

Customized Insights

Tailor the dashboard to your needs with custom market definitions, scoring systems, and faculty input.

Timely Progress Tracking

Easy access to sound data enables frequent check- ins with your faculty. The dashboard tracks progress and flags concerns before they become serious issues.

Portfolio-Level Assessments

Consistent, accurate KPIs for each program and the portfolio, inform evaluations of the portfolio health. Data-informed insights support strategic decision-making.

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