Economics and Outcomes

Optimize Program Performance

PES Economics and Outcomes tracks program economics, benchmarks, and outcomes.

Economics: Assess revenue, cost, and margin by department, program, and course. Access the data you need to improve curricular efficiency. Benchmark your results by subject and course level. 

Outcomes: Assess student outcomes by department, program, race, gender, and ethnicity. Determine which courses and programs retain students and which increase attrition. Identify equity gaps and their causes, so you can improve outcomes across the institution.

Effortless Analysis

The PES Economics and Outcomes scorecard tracks revenue, cost, and margin down to the section level. Clear visualizations enable everyone to understand program economics and improve efficiency.

Intuitive Metric Navigation

Visualize performance metrics across departments, programs, and courses. Dive deeper with customizable data tables and reveal profound insights.


Set data-informed goals for program improvement by comparing your revenue, costs, margins, and outcomes by course level and subject area with other institutions.

Better-Informed Decisions

Easily access the data you need to make academic resourcing decisions on classes, sections, instructors, and facilities.

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