New Program Announcements: February 2024

March 7, 2024

February has been an exciting month for higher education. U.S. colleges and universities announced the launch of 88 new programs for the 2024-25 academic year. The programs cover a wide range of disciplines and address the evolving requirements of employers and higher education. Here’s a closer look at these new offerings, grouped by discipline.

Health Professions and Related Programs

While job postings in healthcare are declining, the shortage of healthcare professionals continues, and institutions are responding with new programs. These programs include undergraduate, graduate, and certificate programs in nursing, mental health counseling, public health, and more. Corban University in Oregon and Ohio State University will introduce new nursing programs – OSU’s will be an accelerated bachelor’s degree. Louisiana Tech University will launch an RN to BSN program, West Virginia Wesleyan College will offer clinical mental health counseling, and Pikes Peak State College will launch behavioral health. The University of Pittsburgh will introduce Pennsylvania’s first Doctor of Chiropractic program.

Computer and Information Sciences

The tech sector continues to boom, and higher education is keeping pace, offering new programs in cybersecurity, artificial intelligence (AI), software engineering, and data science. Kennesaw State University, the University of Pennsylvania, and Yeshiva University are investing in the next generation of tech innovators by introducing master’s programs in AI. Lake Superior State University and Western Governors’ University will focus on cybersecurity programs.

Business, Management, and Related Support Services

Business and management continue to be popular; new programs emphasize more specialized areas, including entrepreneurship, sports management, and various concentrations within business administration. Nebraska Wesleyan University will introduce a bachelor’s program in entrepreneurship and innovation, while California Lutheran University will launch a master’s program in sports management. Columbia Southern University has announced several new bachelor’s programs with concentrations in data analytics, logistics, and more, highlighting the diverse skill sets needed in today’s business environments.

Engineering and Related Technologies

Engineering remains a critical field, with new programs that focus on the future of manufacturing, electrical and computer engineering, and systems engineering. The University of Michigan-Flint will introduce several new graduate programs in smart manufacturing and electrical and computer engineering to prepare students for advanced careers in these high-demand fields.


Several institutions will launch new specialized education programs. The University of Albany will introduce bachelor’s programs in childhood and special education, while Thomas College will focus on physical/health education for K-12. These programs are designed to address specific needs within the education sector and prepare graduates for meaningful careers in teaching.

Visual and Performing Arts

The arts continue to be an essential part of our culture and education, with new programs in music and filmmaking. Regent University will introduce bachelor’s programs in contemporary and classical voice as well as songwriting, catering to students with a passion for music. Marshall University will launch a bachelor’s program in filmmaking to help aspiring filmmakers hone their craft.

Interdisciplinary Studies

Several universities are introducing data science programs that cross traditional academic boundaries to include business, criminology, and political science. Carnegie Mellon University is rolling out a program on the foundations of data science, and Cecil College will offer a data science certificate.

Data science is a fusion of multiple disciplines, and new programs will be offered in diverse fields, potentially incorporating data analysis or analytical thinking skills.

Notable Discontinuations

While some colleges are launching programs, others are cutting. The University of North Carolina Greensboro announced it is discontinuing several programs, including anthropology, secondary education in geography, and physics. 


The new programs demonstrate a commitment to evolve higher education and meet the needs of a modern workforce. Institutions are innovating to prepare students for the challenges and opportunities ahead.

Mary Ann Romans


Mary Ann creates, defines, and executes the content marketing strategy at Gray, collaborating with the entire team to support our higher education partners through effective communication and provision of critical industry information.

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