Top New College Programs Announced in January 2024

February 6, 2024

In January 2024, colleges and universities announced a wide range of new programs.  Some of these programs, such as nursing, may be no surprise. In contrast, others, like the new program at Roanoke College, offer students fresh opportunities to pursue their academic and career goals in emerging fields.

Based on the number of times they appear in the data, here are the top five new programs announced in January 2024:

Nursing Programs

Registered Nursing programs were the most frequently announced, with institutions like Southwest University, Dallas College, Midway University, and Palo Alto College offering new programs for this in-demand profession.

Business Administration Programs

Various business-related programs were announced, including concentrations in Banking, Real Estate, and Human Resources at Austin Peay State University and new MBA programs at Dordt University, University of Jamestown, and Southwest University.

Health Care Administration Programs

This growing field saw the introduction of programs like Master’s degrees in Health Care Administration and Health Care Leadership Management at Southwest University.

Computer Science and Technology

Programs like the Ph.D. in Computer Science with Interdisciplinary Applications at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley and the Associate Degree in Software Development at Northwest College addressed the need for skilled professionals in these fields.

Education Programs

Several institutions recognized the critical need for qualified educators, including a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education at Lake-Sumter State College and the Doctor of Education at LaGrange College.

New Notable College Programs

While not among the top five in terms of frequency, other noteworthy programs announced in January include:

  • Cannabis Science and Social Justice: Roanoke College launched two unique bachelor’s degrees in this emerging field.
  • Cyber Security Engineering: Utah State University began a bachelor’s program to address cybersecurity threats and meet the demand for cybersecurity expertise.
  • Doctor of Occupational Therapy: The University of Texas Medical Branch began a program to meet the need for OT in an aging population.

Note:  This summary combines similar programs to avoid redundancy and provides a clearer overview of the trends. This summary is based on the information available and may be partial.

Mary Ann Romans


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