Gray Decision Intelligence provides the only complete academic Program Evaluation System (PES) for higher education


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Leading-Edge Software for Higher Education

Gray DI’s Program Evaluation System (PES) is designed to help educational institutions make data-informed decisions.

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Why choose Gray DI?

Our Promise

We provide the only complete academic Program Evaluation System: PES. Gray DI is trustworthy, insightful, innovative, collaborative, and reliable. We are champions of higher education.

Our Purpose

We supply innovative, leading-edge software that provides easy access to data streams critical to academic program evaluation and management.

Our Software

PES enables data-informed, collaborative program evaluations that increase enrollment, strengthen financial performance, and improve student outcomes. PES is available as an annual or multi-year subscription.

Our Belief

Higher education plays a vital role in our society. It prepares students for meaningful careers and transmits our culture and knowledge to the next generation.


Make Data-Informed Decisions

Drive enrollment growth, optimize financial performance, and improve student outcomes.

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